Maarifa has amassed a wealth of experience for over a decade in the industry, consequently specializing in some of the latest trends, offering key functional software solutions in the Human Resource environment at large


We implement payroll systems that are in sync with most countries regionally.

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We are certified to offer a range of Human Resource and Human Capital management software for businesses and organizations.


We consult and provide a pool of solutions around payroll processing for enterprises


We are providers of a robust, cloud-based Time & Attendance solution developed by ERS Biometrics that uses data from GSM-enabled biometric readers.

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Frequently asked questions

payroll system calculates the amount you owe your employees based on factors such as the time they worked, their hourly wages or salaries, and whether they took vacation or holiday time during the pay period. The system adjusts gross pay by calculating and subtracting taxes and other withholding amounts

HR Management systems are quite diverse in nature and tend to serve different pursposes that revolve around the day to day activities and human interactions within your organization

Yes, systems such as Payroll Systems must be in sync with the respective countries or regions in which they are implemented. Maarifa’s solutions are currently in synch with the East African payroll Systems of Kenya Uganda and Tanzania

We charge base on packages and licenses fees for respective solutions and modules sought. We have contractual engagements for progressive system maintenance

Not at all, our solutions can be customized and incorporated or implemented, anywhere for any organization or business client of any size. Simply reach Out.