tiime & ATTENDANCE (T & A)

Maarifa Solutions (EA) Limited are authorised providers of a robust, cloud-based Time & Attendance solution developed by ERS Biometrics that uses data from GSM-enabled biometric readers. 

The ERS Biometric Time & Attendance Software is a cloud-based system that does not require any on-premise servers or complex software maintenance and upgrades.

The ERS Biometrics core software allows for the full account setup of users and their respective viewer rights and setting up groups, departments and more. The software also provides you with tools to remotely monitor the heartbeat of your biometric devices, ensuring that they are communicating and have power (it is device specific). The software comes with the standard employee module, with the flexibility of crafting custom fields, as well as auto-reporting functionality.

By using our ERS system you will:

  • Eliminate Fraud – by utilizing Fingerprint Technology, you ensure positive recognition of your employees, preventing employees from buddy-clocking – a common occurrence with manual registers.
  • Save on Payroll – It automates Time & Attendance that will reduce your operation costs, lessen the reporting burden & wasted HR management time and ensures increased productivity
  • Savings Calculator – See how much your business can save on payroll by simply

implementing the ERS Biometric Time & Attendance Solution

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